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One of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom, monkeys is the closest living cousins of humans. We’ve all frequently observed monkeys leaping from one tree to another in broad areas and jungles. However, they occasionally enter a human neighbourhood in search of food and refuge. Although they can be sociable, monkeys can also be harmful. Monkey attacks on humans that resulted in injuries have been documented frequently. Additionally, they can carry infections that can be lethal to us, particularly to young children and those with weakened metabolisms. Therefore, using monkey safety netting is the greatest method to stop the monkeys from trespassing into your home and property.

Monkeys play in the stem and roots of trees. If the tree touches the balcony or terrace of our building, monkeys will cause you a lot of discomfort. Contact Our Team Right Away If You Are Experiencing The Same Issue.


Monkey-proofing your premises with money safety nets will keep them out. These nets are large and extremely hard. It’s rather common for monkeys to play on tree roots and stems if there are any trees near your home or place of business. Money Will Be Putting You Through A Lot Of Trouble If The Tree Touches Your Building Terrace Or Balcony.

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