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Welcome to the most reputable safety netting business in Bangalore, Sweet Home Safety Nets, which specialises in balcony safety nets. Rajashekhar, who primarily possesses the necessary experience, founded Sweet Home Safety Nets. We are delighted to mention that our business was founded ten years ago and quickly became Bangalore’s most popular merchant.

We are pleased to announce that our business was founded 15 years ago and quickly became Bangalore’s most favoured trader. The goal of Sweet Home Safety Nets is to use their knowledge and experience to the safety nets. The business is expanding quickly in its key markets while also pursuing novel approaches.

By offering unmatched value for money and staying true to its fundamental values of innovation and honesty, we are dedicated to strengthening its clients’ businesses. It serves as a springboard for excellence in safety design and net production. We provide a variety of top-quality nets. Our crew is devoted, knowledgeable, and professional.

What makes Sweet Home Safety Nets the ideal option?

Given the competition, we provide ?

  • Less than Market Cost or Price
  • Quick and Doorstep Service
  • Sweet Home Safety Nets Warranty by Assured
  • 100% Original, High-Quality Nets
  • Highest Price Competition
  • Installation and inspection are free.

What is the price per SQFT?

Standard rates in the sector range from Rs. 18 to 24 per square foot, although in reality, rates are inversely correlated with quantity. However, all prices vary from customer to client. If the square footage is more, rates will be reduced by up to 50%. If the quantity is significantly smaller we will charge accordingly. Consider working with us for improved quality and measurement transparency with service guarantees.

What about Quality?

We are at the top of the list because we prioritise providing High Quality nets, something we have been doing for the past 15 years. Quality is a factor on which we never skimp. We only buy products from reputable brands that adhere to ISO standards and have been thoroughly tested. We primarily work with transparent nets, tough ropes, and garware. You may depend on us completely for quality.

What Makes Sweet Home Safety Nets Reliable?

With its roots in Bangalore, Sweet Home Safety Nets has since grown to include branches in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kerala, Bangalore, and even all over Karnataka. You may trust us because of these things.

Serving the Sector for Two Decades

Warranty and Post Service Bill will be supplied.

Why clients pick us again and time again


We utilise nylon nets of the highest quality from ISO-certified brands. Quality safety net ensures equitable support and protection.


A firm price quote that, if approved by the client, cannot be altered. We are the best safety net dealers in Bangalore.

Time & Work

10+ A committed team is eager to complete your assignment on schedule. You may submit work for us to review once.


It’s maintenance-free and comes with a 1-year replacement guarantee and a 6-8 year warranty on the nets from Upton.

Our Services


Balconies being one of the most essential elements of apartments, Balconies have a lot of open places and one mistake can result in a very unfortunate incident.



We specialise in offering high-quality nets to keep trouble some pigeons and other birds off of balconies, flats, and other business and residential facilities.



Parents constantly worry about their kids and want to make sure they’re safe. It’s crucial to ensure your child’s safety, especially if you live in a high-rise buildings


Customised protective sports netting panels, per-sized batting cage nets, Indoor and outdoor batting cages, Hockey, Soccer, and even football field goal posts.


Monkey’s occasionally enter a human neighbourhood in search of food and refuge. Although they can be sociable, monkeys can also be harmful


Birds inhabit a variety of areas in your buildings, and they frequently annoy you by laying eggs or building nests in the vents for your air conditioning system, pipes,


Coconuts offer us incredible advantages that are really beneficial to us. The coconut is one of the most consumed in India; it makes up a significant portion of our diet.


We sometimes overlook the duct areas, but these must also be secured. For many years, Sweet home safety Nets have offered fantastic quality duct area nets.


In our places, such as hospitals, factories, apartments, we frequently have issues with birds and pigeons. Our Team’s Experts Have Years Of Experience Installing spikes


Collective fall arrest systems are construction safety nets. No matter how much time is spent on a roof, there is a high risk of falling. A Serious Injury


Mesh safety covers keep your pool safe from accidental entry of animals or small children while allowing rain and fine particles to pass through.


There are more visibility options for car parking safety nets, including 50, 60, 70, and 80 grades. Safety Nets Grades Are Selected Based On The Area Requirement


Our vision is to create safer and more secure living spaces by providing pigeon safety nets for balconies. We envision a world where residents can enjoy the beauty of their balconies without worrying about the presence of pigeons and their associated risks.


Our mission is to design, manufacture, and install high-quality pigeon safety nets that effectively prevent pigeons from entering balconies, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of our customers. We aim to offer a practical and reliable solution that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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